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About Pat

What do you love most about practicing yoga?

I love that when we are on the mat, we are all equals. Yoga knows no religion, culture, profession, and body type. It is where I feel safe and supported. I love how it teaches me to be compassionate to others and myself.

What do you love most about teaching yoga?

I love teaching because it allows me to share how yoga changed me, and it is something I want others to experience too by holding space for them.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned in teacher training?

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in teacher training is to allow myself to be vulnerable and to not be too hard on myself. We need to love and take care of ourselves first so we can take care of others.

What did you enjoy most about teacher training?

I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy being with a community of passionate yogis. That is, aside from the anatomy lessons of course!


200-Hour Certification

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2018
Align&Refine Yoga

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What people love about Pat’s teaching

Teaches with authority and conveys that you will definitely learn from her. She can be stern if needed but sympathetic and kind at the right times.

Her strong presence and intelligently-sequenced and -paced classes make me feel like I’m in good hands.

Her voice and words are as logical and systematic as her sequence. Her organization and critical thinking skills are among her strongest points.

Pat can make you work hard, but you know that she really takes care of her students.

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